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Why do I need a website?

A New Vocabulary: Google It!

Over two billion people are online today, with that number growing. It's estimated that in 2012 alone, over 200 million people, almost 80% of the population in the US, were online. Over $50 trillion was spent online in the US in 2012. The Yellow Pages are delivered and tend to stay piled at the mailbox. Newspapers, like the LA Times, are down to a skeleton print staff and are aiming their efforts at the web. Amazon Kindle and other eReader sales are booming. Print is no longer a productive place to spend you advertising dollars. More and more, the majority of consumers looking to spend usually "Google It!"

FAQs & Support

Frequently Asked Questions can be handled on your website without taking any valuable time from you or your staff. These answers can provide immediate help to customers. You can also provide immediate access to technical information, manuals and product specifications. Videos and slide presentations can be used to demonstrate your products and services. These are a great sales tool to generate new purchases and a help post-purchase. This support may eliminate the need for a customer service staff.

Today's Shopping Experience: eCommerce

Gas is expensive. With our busy lifestyles, spare time is at a minimum. A great majority of the population is online. A well designed website can be your ticket to prosperity. Brick and mortar stores, for many businesses, are an unnecessary expense. Thanks to the web, shopping for what you need has become only a search and a click away, from anywhere in the world. Selling online has never been safer or easier and allows customers access to your products 24/7/365, even while you're sleeping.

Database Info & Feedback

Websites allow owners to request information from customers and prospects that can be used to form a client database with customized, pertinent information that can help increase sales. Your website can do your market research for you, helping you gain a better understanding of your target market. You can gain information to contact returning clients as well as prospects. A web site is also a tool for feedback from current customers and prospects.

Job Search

These days, the Internet is the main source for recruiting qualified, quality employees. Job seekers hunt the Internet. Most recruiters do not even take phone calls or offer applications on-site. If you have a position to fill, your website is the cost-effective way to find the person you're looking for without spending too much of your precious time interviewing candidates who don't fit the need. Your website eliminates the need to post printed ads and offers you the convenience of exactly when to post a position and when to end your search, eliminating unnecessary phone calls after you've hired the right candidate.

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